How to Stop a Hammock From Squeaking

How to stop a hammock from squeaking

After a long day of work, I love to lay down on my hammock to have a short nap. This is my lazy routine I purposefully added to my life to get back rejuvenated in a short time. But all of a sudden these days I’m getting this squeaky annoying noise from my hammock. Whenever I rock back and forth in my hammock the squeaky noise is annoying me. And the hard truth is squeaky hammock is not only uncomfortable but also risky. This is when I started my research on this topic and I wanted to share my learning is this post.

Mostly the squeaky sound in the hammock occurs due to two metal pieces rubbing together creating friction. So, check out the carabiners or any hardware that you’ve used for your hammock. The squeaky hammock can be repaired by either oiling the metal carabiners or the hammock hardware(used for suspension). You can also totally replace the hardware with soft alternatives like cord, ropes or soft shackles.

In some cases, the squeaking noise can be from the fabric stretching too. If the hammock is new this is common and you need not worry about it. If you’re concerned about it too much, then you may check this post to make sure that you are not over the weight capacity of your hammock.  

First things first…

How to locate the squeaking sound in your hammock?

Well, I have a simple solution to this which I’ve practically tested and it worked. Switch off the air coolers and TV’s and keep the room silent as possible. Place a small weight on your hammock and let it swing. Once you hear the squeaky noise, you need to identify the sound and analyze the source. You need to stay away to find out the cause of the noise.

You should also check for any unusual movements around the suspension, anchor and other joints on your hammock set up. This will help you detect the cause easily.

In most cases, the squeaky noise is generated by the suspension system. There are various suspension systems used for hanging a hammock such as carabiners, straps, hammock stands, and ropes, etc… Let’s dig one by one to find the squeaky noise from the suspensions and the possible solution to that.

Hammock With Carabiners Setup

Carabiners are the most reliable means to hang your hammock. Carabiners can be used with both hammock stand set-up and tree set-up. When carabiners are used with straps, it is hung by some kind of metal hardware. When these metal parts rub against each other will create friction, and makes the squeaky noise. 

This can be resolved by replacing the carabiners with a soft shackle. The soft shackle is nothing but a rope or cord with a very specific loop. A soft shackle can also be attached to a strap so you can avoid the carabiners. This shackle is connected to the two ends one at the hammock stand and the other end on the hammock through the strap or directly. You can select your soft shackle on Amazon here

Squeaking due to straps

Ropes can cause vital damage to the trees and hence hammockers prefer hammock straps. Hammock straps are widely used as they are safe and eco-friendly. These straps may make a different sound while you are using the hammock. This is because the straps are stretched too tightly. So when you put weight on the hammock, it tightens more and leaves a squeaking noise on every move.

The only replacement option for this is to change your hammock straps. It is not safe to use a worn-out hammock strap. Check out the latest hammock straps here on Amazon.

Hammock Stands

If you have a hammock stand set up, there are various joints on the stand that can cause the noise. The powder coating on your steel stands is tough and durable. But the joints are often the problems when it comes to noise. You can stop stand noises by tightening knobs and other assembly points. 

There are multiple portable and folding stands available in the market. These stands have small metal joints that can cause squeaking. The best solution for this is to apply lubricants or sprays that make them greasy, thus minimizing the squeaking in the setup. A drop of household oil might help quiet metal.

The Sound of a Tree Cracking

Mostly for outdoor hammocking, trees are used to hang the hammock. Sometimes trees can produce the sound and not your hammock. Inspect the tree before hanging your hammock. Never hang your hammock in a tree that produces cracking noise.

Other reasons for squeaking.

Squeaking noise can come from the anchor points. If you are using eyebolts on the tree, there is a possibility that the squeaking is due to the timeworn anchor. If you are using a wall or pillar as your anchor there can also be the point that may cause squeaking of the hammock.

Mostly the squeaking noise is generated by the suspension system. If you feel and find your suspension system is good then you may have to analyze the whole hammock set up again. Make sure the fabric is in good condition. Sometimes worn-out fabrics can also be the cause for noises.

Lubricants – The Best Solution

As I mentioned before, the application of any lubricant can help minimize the squeaking in your hammock. Lubricants are mostly preferred as they are less expensive and help in greasing the metallic parts without removing them. Try the lubricants before having a thought of replacing the parts altogether.

Although many lubricants are available in the market, you can be specific and use anti-friction lubricants. If you are too bothered to buy a lubricant even the lard oil or kitchen oil can help for time being. 

Try these lubricants for best results

First, try to choose a multi-purpose lubricant or ball bearing lubricant. The ball bearing lubricants are majorly used in bicycles and thus are easily available. If you are using a light lubricant you might have to apply it again and again.

The most commonly used is WD-40. But just so that you know it, WD-40 is a cleaner and has moisture dissolving capability. You can also try silicon sprays and dry film lubricants.

The other Multi-purpose ones are more recommended as they act as lubricants as well as clean and remove rust. Some of them are AC-90, 3M Lubricant, etc.

To Conclude

First locate the squeaking point and then opt for the suitable remedy. In most cases the squeaking noise would be generated by your suspension system or hammock stand. The best solution is to apply lubricants which are even available at your household. 

If you are aware that the squeaking is from the metal suspension you can always replace the metal attachment with soft shackle. And if there is any problem with the anchors, the best advise is to analyze the problem and if required bring down your hammock and relocate it at a safe location.

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