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Hammock stands are the easiest way of hanging the hammock. Hammock stands bring you the flexibility of setting up a hammock inside or outside your place with minimal effort. But, How long are Hammock stands?

On average, the typical hammock stand is around 9 – 10 feet long. The next most common size that is often found in stores or online is 15-feet. However, these days most of the hammock stands are adjustable and can fit different sizes of the hammock.

How to choose a hammock stand

Before investing in a hammock stand, it is essential to find out the ideal length for your hammock and the place you would like to set it up. The measurement of the area will eventually help you decide the length of your stand.

It is also essential to know the full length of your hammock. It is better to manually measure your hammock which may be shorter than its marketed length. It is recommended that the hammock stand should be 2’inches longer than your hammock. So if the length of your hammock is 10-ft, the hammock stand length should be 12-ft.

Make sure you are ordering the ideal hammock stand or if you have any doubts on the length, go for a little bigger stand. If the hammock stand is 1 or 2-ft greater than your hammock length, you can adjust it by using chains or ropes between the ends of the hammock. 

Tip: Hammock stands length will vary according to the weight that you put to the hammock. For a weight of about 450 lbs, the ideal hammock can range from 8 to 9 ft.

Portable and Adjustable Stand

Portability is the main issue with the hammock stands. To solve this issue, manufacturers have come up with lightweight foldable hammock stands. You can use this hammock stands in your house and if needed you can take it out and set it up anywhere in your lawn. These hammock stands though take up some time to assemble but is eco-friendly and portable. 

These stands come along with thin metal pipes and have groves on the inner side to adjust the length of your hammock. You can just hook and unhook your suspension system to set up your hammock. It can be easily adjusted according to your weight, the cloth flexibility, and the width and height. 

Heavy-duty steel hammock stands, which have high weight carrying capacity, are most commonly used and it is the best suit for cotton and polyester fabrics. They usually come in multiple pieces (5- 6 attachments) which makes it easy to break down and move when necessary.

Note: Please read & follow the instructions given by the manufacturer before setting up the adjustable hammocks.

Long and Short Hammock stands

Most of the stands in the market are adjustable. If you have somehow landed in a position where your hammock is not a perfect fit for the stand you bought, you can come up with ideas that can make the length work right for you.

I have a Long Hammock stand

Having a long Hammock stand is not an issue if you are using it on campaigns, along poolside or in an open space, like, if you can carry it around. Also, with suspension systems, long hammock stands are preferred and create a proper momentum for the weight.

For eg. If you are using spreader bars for your suspension, the best-suited range of length is 10 to 14 ft.

You can also adjust your suspension system by adding decorative chains and straps to cover the remaining length of your hammock. Using a carabiner along with the chain can also help in tuning up your short hammock.

I have a short Hammock stand

Now for the other scenario, if you have long hammocks and short stand, you will have to be quite resourceful to make use of it. There are three ways to cope up with it.

  • Wrapping it around the stand. Tying a knot at the end to reduce the size.
  • Using very short suspensions. You can also avoid it if you’re comfortable without it.
  • Fix hooks on the outside of the stand arm.

Stands with no specific length

These can be an irreplaceable option as these stands can work for all types of hammocks. These are built with different materials with adjustable anchor and multiple pieces and thus are rated as an excellent solution for Stands.

Con: These can be expensive. 

Types of Stands and lengths

Let’s go through certain types of stands and the length associated with it.

Heavy-duty Steel fork Stands are available in 15ft height and are powder coated to provide enough room for most hammocks. 

Tri beam steel stands are more or less the same length and have adjustable loopholes for proper fitting of your hammock.

Wooden arc Hammock stands come with a range of 13 to 14ft length. There are also wooden arc hammocks for shorter hammocks and are best suited for the same.

Adjustable arc-shaped steel stands work with any type of hammock coming in at the right size. These are available mostly 10 to 12ft long.

One-piece steel stands usually are manufactured 9 to 10 ft long and are suitable for short hammocks. They thus are also not suitable for high weight bearings.

If you can go for the most reliable and expensive brands like Vivere and Zupapa, you can get almost all the length ranging from 9 to 15.5 ft.

Your hand made stand!

Well, you might have looked up a lot online, but have not found a hammock with 13.5 ft height. This may be because most of the Hammock stands are available with a length of around 9 – 10 ft.

Is there any solution if I have a small place for my hammock in the dining room?

Yes, we do have two solutions for you. There are a few things that you can do to try and make it work for you.

So, if you have a small space and you are willing to set your Hammock for relaxing on a patio, sunroom or any other indoor-outdoor area, a hammock, with 6ft – 8ft height can be placed. You can go for the DIY wooden hammock stands. This also gives you complete freedom, to use the best durable material and control over the measurements for height, weight, and pace between the hanging points.

Although all of us are not very artistic and technical to make a very durable or decorative stand. But you can always use the online instructing videos for help. 

Warning: You have to be 100% assured that the stand will support your hammock and weight securely.

If you are not willing to try your hands on this, opt for premade or order made hammock stands.

To summarize!!

We can thus conclude that a long hammock stand is much better than a short one. And building your own stand is also a better solution for the perfect fit. Although the overall length of a hammock stand is not a very crucial criteria to work on. Hope this guide will help you see, what length you should prefer, before shopping for your stand. 

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