Can mosquitoes bite through hammock? Interesting facts.

can mosquitoes bite through hammock

You got everything covered in your backpack; mosquito nets for a hammock, mosquito repellents, anti-bug clothing, and you’re camping away from the water to avoid mosquitoes. But still, you have this little fear, can mosquitoes bite through hammock?

The answer is yes! they can. Unlike mosquitoes that we find in our houses or backyards, the wild mosquitoes have a longer and stronger proboscis. This helps them to bypass the layers of hammocks to bite you. Especially when you sleep without any clothes it makes the deal easier for them.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes that bite through the hammock?

  1. Modular bug net.
  2. Treatment with Permethrin.
  3. Choose the right cloth fabric.
  4. Sleeping bag or underquilt.

Modular Bug Net

There are different kinds of bug nets available in the market. Fixed bug nets, modular bug nets, etc… Fixed bug nets come permanently attached to your hammock. This won’t help you to solve the issue. You will be bitten through your hammock because fixed bug nets cover the hammock from the top, not the bottom. Moreover, the biggest downfall of the fixed bug net is you have to carry it everywhere with the hammock even if you don’t need it.

The modular bug net goes around the whole hammock and prevents the mosquitoes bite from top and underneath. These nets to be purchased separately. These nets are a little bit pricy since they’re hung over and around the entire hammock. This will surely keep the blood-sucking monsters away from your sleeping place.  

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Use Of Permethrin

Permethrin is a chemical used to keep the bugs away. Permethrin not only repels mosquitoes, but it will also kill ticks, insects, and all sorts of other buggers on contact. Permethrin is an active ingredient in many bug repellents. It kills the bugs by overloading their nervous system. But for us, don’t worry, it is non-toxic and safe to use.

There are two ways to apply permethrin on your hammock and nets. One is to soak the whole hammock and net in the permethrin diluted water and dry it. If it is dried it leaves no residue and it is odorless.

Another way is to buy permethrin spray which is more convenient to use. Just spray it over the hammock, nets, and around your sleeping area. A hammock and the net treated with permethrin along with insect repellent makes a powerful mosquito shield.

Remember permethrin has “spatial repellency” to mosquitoes. This means that mosquitoes won’t land on the hammock which is treated but it may swarm around you which is harmless to you.

Choosing the right fabric 

If you’re camping in moderate or heavy bug areas, protect most of your skin with a long-sleeve shirt and full-length pants. This ought to be the rule of thumb to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can easily bite through knit and woven fabrics. It gives you good comfort but it is not ideal to wear in mosquito heavy places. In contrast,  polyester fabric or woven nylon serves as a physical shield against a mosquito’s proboscis. Always choose these fabrics to prevent mosquito bites.

Use a sleeping bag or underquilt on your hammock

This can be additional protection. Using a good underquilt or a sleeping bag on your hammock can protect you from underneath bites. This is a very good option when you’re camping in a cold place. The sleeping bag and the underquilt can keep you warm. In contrast, in hot and humid places using these can be overwhelming. Use this option wisely based on the places you camp.

General practices to avoid mosquitoes

Avoid camping near the water

As we know, mosquitos lay their eggs in the open water. So you may find more mosquitoes near water. Avoid it and camp far away from the water places.

Avoid using strong smelling hygiene products

Fragrance attracts mosquitoes. So avoid using anything that creates fragrance like perfume or cologne, lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc.. when you camp.

Mosquito Gadgets

If money is not a problem for you, then you can invest in some gadgets that keep mosquitos away.


These lamps are very efficient. It kills the mosquitos quickly and quietly. It also disrupts the breeding cycle of mosquitoes and keeps you bug-free-long-term.


Bug zapper uses electricity to kill the mosquitoes. The light attracts the mosquitoes and then it produces the electricity to kill them all at once.


It is one of the most efficient ways to prevent all kinds of pests. The ultrasonic devices emit a high-frequency sound that can be heard by mosquitoes and other pests. Humans can’t hear it since it doesn’t match our frequency of sounds.

Campfire Smoke

Campfire and camping go hand in hand. The smoke from the campfire is a natural mosquito repellent. Keep the fire on for the whole night which not only prevents mosquitos and some other pests, it also keeps the wild animals away from you.

Keep Learning…

Can mosquitoes bite through hammock? yes, they can. But, put your best efforts to keep these blood-sucking monsters away from you. Despite your effort, some mosquitoes and bugs can creep in. But don’t let that ruin your trip. Learn from it and try different combinations of the steps above and it should work. 

At the end of the day, a happy camping experience is what we all search for. Learn from each experience and keep yourself updated with the stuff that works for you.

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