Best Hammock Straps Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide & Our Top 5 Picks

Best Hammock Straps Reviews

A good hammock experience comes with durable and best hammock straps. After all, hammock straps are the element which holds the entire hammock and its weight.

You need to ignore those ropes which you used to tie your hammock to the trees.

Hammock straps are worth the investment for your hammocks to prevent unwanted accidents.

Hammock straps act as suspensions to hold the heavyweight which comes with excellent grip and strength to withstand the load.

But buying a good hammock strap is difficult. There are so many hammock straps options available today. We have sought to look for the best hammock straps to make your task easier.

We have gone above and beyond to pick the best hammock strap out there in the market. It also includes our best pick and budget pick.

The Best Hammock Strap – Our Pick 

XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree Straps Set Versatile 2000+ LBS

XL Hammock Tree Straps is our best pick. This impressive hammock strap is very strong and durable.
It is 12 Feet Long (24 Ft Total) is more than enough to tie your hammock between long trees. It can take up to 1000 lbs per strap (2000 lbs total).
Made up of triple-stitched seams, these straps provide extra strength and are super light in weight.
It is also easy to carry in your backpack during your camping trips which make it portable in nature.
The material used to make this hammock strap is 100% polyester webbing material. So it is durable, lightweight and does not stretch on use.
If you’re looking for the best hammock straps, this is your go-to option. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Our Budget Pick 

The Best Hammock Strap

The HangTight Hammock Straps is our budget pick. These hammock straps are impressively versatile to use.

It is compatible with the top brand hammocks such as Eagles Nest Outfitters, Hennessy, and Yukon.

This hammock strap is easy to set up with an appropriate length of 10 feet.

It can be easily adjusted with the hammock through its 16 attachment loops which are in a continuous series.

The HangTight Hammock Straps are made up of 100% polyester which helps in making it compatible with any weather.

They do not get wet or wear off while providing extra strength.

If you’re looking for the best hammock straps for an affordable price, then look no further. This is the best and safest choice. Check the latest price on Amazon

Best Hammock Straps Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks 

5. Krazy Outdoors Hammock Tree Straps 11 feet long heavy duty adjustable polyester seat belt quality.

Krazy Outdoors Hammock Tree Straps

This is a top quality hammock strap made up of polyester. It does not stretch and is useful for camping trips and is super portable.

These straps are easy to install, can bear up to 1000 lbs and are completely rip proof.

They are also compatible with any types of trees or posts and they do not cause any damage to the trees.

Hammock Tree Straps Features

Build and Construction: Made of 100% polyester material. It does not rip, stretch or rot. The material does not rip off the tree barks.It is strong and long-lasting.

An S-shaped hook and an O-shaped hook given with the strap need for assembly purpose.

The polyester material doesn’t stretch and is compatible with almost any kind of hammock. It does not stretch so you can be comfortable in your hammock.

Weight capacity: The hammock straps are tested to withstand a weight of 1000 lbs. It is quite strong and reliable for use. The pair measures 11 feet in length and weighs 1.2 pounds.

Durability: As mentioned above, these hammock straps are heavy duty quality, and they do not stretch, rot or rip.

These are eco-friendly, do not damage the tree barks and come with a long-term warranty period.

Moreover, the installation is easy, and you can attach it to any tree which will ensure a strong and firm grip.

Why Buy the Hammock Tree Straps?

Being durable and carrying a heavy load of 1000 lbs, this hammock strap can showcase great performance.

The 100% polyester material makes it rot resistant, and it doesn’t rip off.

It is quite portable and easy to carry. You can take this anywhere you want.

These straps do not damage the trees as well and provide grip and firmness to the hammock.

Hammock Tree Straps 11 feet long heavy duty adjustable polyester seat belt quality

4. Chill Gorilla PRO XL Hammock Tree Hanging Straps Review

Chill Gorilla PRO XL Hammock Tree Hanging Straps Review

These super light hammock straps have an amazing carrying capacity of 1400 pounds.

Made up of 100% polyester material, these hammock straps do not stretch and are completely waterproof.

The loop design makes the attachment and adjustment quite simple and quick.

It is compatible with almost all types of hammocks and is safe to attach them to trees, rocks and patio posts.

Chill Gorilla PRO XL Hanging Straps Features

Build and Construction: The material used to manufacture these hammock straps is 100% polyester. It ensures strength, no sagging, and no stretching.

Each strap has 15 adjustment loopholes for easy set up which make 30 strong connection points for extra strength.

The triple stitching technology ensures that the straps do not stretch.

Weight capacity: The weight capacity of this hammock strap is 1400 lbs. Making it quite strong, with each strap supporting around 700 lbs.

They each measure 10 feet long and weigh 6.8 oz individually.

Comfort: Being compatible with almost all hammocks, these hammock straps do not stretch. That gives the user a comfortable experience.

Not only is the set up easy and quick, but it is also comfortable due to the loops which make the task easier.

You do not need to hesitate if you are not good at tying knots because these loops help you set up your hammock in less than one minute.

Durability: The polyester material used calls for long-term durability with no stretching and rotting.

It is waterproof and stands harmful UV radiation, making it last longer.

You can attach it to the hammock via a tree, dock, patio pole or any other set up that you have access to, and it would deliver the same performance.

And the triple stitches make the straps more durable.

In the video below, you can see the visual explanation of the hammock straps with the material and design description.

The assembly of the hammock straps on a tree is also explained.

You can also see how simple it is to attach the hammock straps with the hammock in the loop which you desire.

Why Buy the Chill Gorilla PRO XL Hammock Tree Hanging Straps?

The loop- designed hammock straps are the easiest to set up.

It is compatible with almost all hammocks and can be assembled through trees, poles and any other stand.

Carrying a heavy weight of 1400 lbs, these hammock straps are fairly portable and durable as well.

If you’re looking for a durable hammock strap this can be a good option.

Chill Gorilla PRO XL Hammock Tree Hanging Straps Review

3. Kammok Python Straps Hammock Suspension System Review

Kammok Python Straps Hammock Suspension System Review

As the name suggests, the Kammok Python Straps is designed after the world’s longest snake.

The straps are super length, measuring a length of 20 feet and are super strong as well.

Using the strap and suspension combination design, the Kammok Python straps make the setup and assembly of the hammock rather simple.

Being quite portable and light in weight, they are easy to carry as well.

Kammok Python Straps Features

Build and Construction: The material used to manufacture these hammock straps is 100% polyester tubular webbing, which is quite durable and light in weight.

It does not stretch, sag or absorb water. The anchor points help in suspending the users over 20 feet. With 18 connection points, any hammock is compatible with these straps.

Weight Capacity: The maximum weight that these straps can carry is 500 lbs, with each strap carrying 250 lbs.

The combined length of the straps is 20 feet, with 18 daisy chain points to tie the hammock of any length.

Comfort: These straps come with a pouch. It helps to carry it easily during your trips. The straps fold to form a small roll, which makes it easy to fit in the small bag.

There are reflective tracers woven into the length of the straps for you to hang the hammock in low light conditions.

Durability: A high tensile thread is used in making and stitching these straps which make it quite strong and durable.

Combined with the polyester material, this assembly ensures great durability and longevity. The hammock straps distribute the weight on the tree and thus do not damage it.

The video shows the visual explanation and features of the Kammok Python straps.

You can see how the user ties and assembles the hammock strap with the tree, explaining its features in details and also shows its effectiveness.

Why Buy the Kammok Python Straps?

Being quite strong, durable, stretch resistant and tear resistant, these straps are in for use for quite a long time.

Carrying a weight of 500 lbs, it can easily carry the weight of 2 people.

The 18 loop design makes it easy for any type of hammock to be suspended and used. The reflective tracers also make it easy to assemble the hammock in low light.

If you love to have long hammock straps this can be handy. 

Kammok Python Straps Hammock Suspension System Review

2. HangTight Hammock Straps Review

HangTight Hammock Straps Review

This hammock strap is our budget pick. They are versatile in use, compatible with any hammock and are durable.

The 100% polyester material used to build these straps make it quite strong and durable.

Along with simple assembly within no time, you need not learn the art of tying knots for setting up this hammock.

The straps are light in weight and portable as well.

HangTight Hammock Straps Features

Build and Construction: Made out of 100% polyester, these straps are completely stretch and tear proof.

Combined with reinforced double power stitching, these straps are built to last for a long time.

The 16 attachment loops make it easy to assemble the hammock quickly.

Weight capacity: Carrying a heavy load of 2200 lbs, these straps are the most reliable regarding weight capacity.

They each measure 10 feet long and 1 inch wide. They are light in weight and sum up to be 13.2 oz in weight with the bag.

Comfort: While you do not need to worry about spending hours tying knots to your hammock straps, these straps have loop designs which make the assembly possible within 90 seconds.

You can also suspend your hammock with anchor points at a distance of more than 20 feet along with adjusting the height of your hammock easily.

Durability: The 100% polyester webbing material is tear resistant, stretch resistant and performs equally well while wet.

The material is made stronger with the reinforced double power stitching which makes the straps extra durable.

The video shows how good this best hammock strap is.

Why Buy the HangTight Hammock Straps?

The straps are durable, easy to assemble, tear resistant and carry quite a heavy load.

These are also compact and light in weight.

Along with the 100% polyester material, the straps also have reinforced double power stitching. It makes it extra strong and durable.

And this is our budget pick. If you’re looking for the best hammock strap within your budget this is a good option.

HangTight Hammock Straps Review

1. XL Hammock Straps Hammock Tree Straps Review (Mallome)

XL Hammock Straps Hammock Tree Straps Review Mallome

This is the best hammock strap on the market. The XL Hammock Straps provides excellent performance and durability.

It carries a heavy weight of 2000 lbs and is quite easy to assemble.

The 20 loop design in each strap allows any hammock to be attached. You can also tie it to trees, poles or any patio stand which you have access to.

The triple seam stitching on the 100% polyester webbing technique makes the product quite durable and strong.

XL Hammock Straps Features

Build and Construction: 100% polyester webbing material is used to manufacture this product. But the technique for creating this product is unique.

It is stretch and tear resistant. Each strap consists of 20 loops, making a total of 40 loops in total, which are set up with the locking carabiners which come with the set.

Weight capacity: The straps carry a load of 2000 lbs, 1000 lbs on each strap. Each strap measures 12 feet long and 1 inch wide.

Comfort: The setup and assembly of the hammock straps take less than one minute due to the loop design, which makes it easy to assemble.

You need not tie a knot or take more than an hour to enjoy a peaceful nap on your hammock.

The anchor points allow the hammock to suspend in a space which is more than 25 feet apart. The loops also make it easy to adjust the required height of the hammock within no time.

Durability: The triple seam stitching ensures more strength to the straps, making it quite durable.

The material performs the same even when it is wet, helping you elongate its use over the years and in harsh conditions.

In the video below, you can see how the user assembles the straps with the hammock, explaining and showing you the step by step assembly in details.

You can also get to know the features of the hammock straps visually through this video.

 Why Buy the XL Hammock Straps?

Being affordable, these straps carry a heavy load of 2000 lbs, which is not quite common.

The loop design also allows the hammock to be set up easily with the required height and distance.

You can easily carry these straps with you on trips. They are quite durable, strong and tear resistant.

This is our best pick. Budget-friendly and high quality. 

XL Hammock Straps Hammock Tree Straps Review

Best Hammock Straps Buying Guide 

Not all hammock straps are manufactured equally. On Amazon, you can see a pretty big difference in the price gap. You can get a very low-end strap or a high-end strap.

So which one will you choose? What are the best hammock straps?

Whether its a budget pick or an expensive hammock strap, understand the criteria for evaluation will help you make an informed decision.

There are various things you can look for in a hammock strap. Like the material, brand etc. But we encourage you to place durability, weight, and versatility at the top of the list. These are the three important factors you should look for before buying the best hammock strap.

Durability: This is the most important factor when purchasing a hammock strap. You want your hammock suspension to go through heavy abuse, especially if you use it for overnight sleeping. The strap should not show any damage whatsoever.

Durability is not only to last long, in this case, it ensures that you don’t end up in the ground while sleeping in a hammock.

Tip: Watch out for the material used in the hammock strap. That will help you know how durable it is.

Weight Capacity: The hammock strap should be able to carry your weight and more weight. A simple calculation.

You & Your Girl Friend Weight = Hammock strap weight capacity.

There are so many double hammocks available on the market. If two person sleeps in a hammock then the strap should take more weight.

In that case, the weight capacity of the hammock strap should be double. Generally, a hammock strap can carry more than 1500 lbs. But make sure to check it.

Strap Weight & Room: Lightweight hammock straps are great for a backpack, snowshoe, and hiking. Most of the best hammock tree traps are less in weight. But that is not true with all hammock straps.

You don’t need a lot of room to store hammock straps right. That will be an extra burden when you travel. Check out the weight and the space it occupies.

Versatility: Hammock strap is intended to use outside. So it should adapt to all kinds of weather.

Let’s say you get a cotton hammock strap. When you tie your strap during the rainy season, the strap becomes very tight and it becomes very hard to remove.

The dampness in the strap creates that effect.

Adapting to all kinds of weather is important for your hammock and the straps. Make sure the strap can be used in all climates and for various purposes.

Wrap Up

We hope that these best hammock straps reviews might have helped you to distinguish them from each other and make you choose one for yourself.

If you have any queries on this, contact us through the mail. You can see all the contact information here.

Receive our thanks for spending your precious time and going through this best hammock straps reviews.