Best Camping Hammock Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide & Our Top 5 Picks

Best Camping Hammocks

When you look at the range of backpacking hammock overcrowding the markets, you may find yourself utterly perplexed and baffled.

It will become challenging for you to pick the best hammock from such a huge variety of makes and models on display.

In fact, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to cherry-picking the best camping hammock.

All the nitty-gritty details related to camping hammocks, their construction and features will leave you overwhelming. Thus, to make it easier and convenient for you to bring home the best camping hammock, we have rounded up the camping hammock reviews here.

How we reviewed it?

We put our testers at work and asked them to try more than a dozen of different best camping hammocks and judge them by the ease of setup, comfort, portability and durability. After all, your camping hammock is going to take a lot of abuse. It should be long-lasting, heavy-duty and most importantly, comfortable.

The five best backpacking hammocks that finally satisfied our testers are reviewed here. This article will shed light on all the essential features and benefits of each best camping hammock. You can read these reviews and come up with the best backpacking hammock solution for your outdoor living.

The Best Camping Hammock – Our Pick 

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock has been consistently performing ever since its inception and has successfully remained the best over these years. This hammock is lightweight, compact, well-built and extremely portable to fit into a small carry bag. It offers all the three key features required in any hammock i.e. ease of setup, high comfort, and impressive portability.

ENO DoubleNest Hammock is fabricated from 70D breathable nylon taffeta which is further strengthened by triple interlocking stitching. The fabric is smooth to touch and ensures a unsurpassable level of comfort when napping. Its incredible breathability prevents sweating under the hot sun. The high-grade fabric and quality construction empowers the hammock to support a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds and comfortably accommodates two adults in various rough conditions.

This is the best backpacking hammock, all thanks to its lightweight and super compact built. The main piece is only 1.2 pounds in addition to a little extra weight added by marine grade cords. If you are an enthusiast camper, you can easily fit it into your rucksack and enjoy its great durability. It withstands all types of weather situations with ease. You can get this camping hammock in any of the 53 available color options and enjoy relaxing or chilling to the fullest. Check latest price on Amazon.

Best Camping Hammock For Your Buck 

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock is a very popular hammock because of its lightweight and quality construction. It has a little narrower frame which makes it suitable for a single camper. It offers a good balance of weight, easy assembly, and comfortable slumber. But what makes this backpacking hammock stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the hammocks is its pocket-friendly rate. It is the perfect combination of quality and pricing.

The small size of this SingleNest Hammock works well for individuals who can use it as a chair and make it an important piece of camp furniture. You can quickly set up this hammock even between trees that are too close where normal hammocks usually don’t fit. Made up of durable parachute nylon, this hammock can easily support a weight capacity of 400 pounds. High-quality nylon fabric of this hammock offers excellent comfort.

The stretchy parachute nylon is made stronger with triple stitched seams which remarkably enhances the durability of this hammock. If you are worried that this low priced hammock will fail to provide comfort, then you need to try this yourself. It performs well in all conditions. It is undoubtedly the most versatile, comfortable and reasonably priced camping hammock dominating the market. Check latest price on Amazon.

Best Camping Hammock Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks 

5. Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Best Camping Hammock Review

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Best Camping Hammock Review

Why Use the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock?

No other hammock on the market is more versatile than this Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. It is phenomenally versatile because it can work as a tent as well as a hammock. You can use the mosquito netting and rain fly or elongate it as a dome tent. You can easily sit inside this hammock when used as a tent because it gives you enough room to rummage around easily. Spreader bar system featured in this camping hammock is another interesting feature that keeps the floor highly stable in air. It works pretty well in removing the sag that other hammocks usually have. So, you can use this hammock when you need the convenience of a net in a hammock.

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Features

Built and Construction: This is undoubtedly the best camping hammock which when pitched on the ground comes together to create a small bivy tent. It may seem heavy at first but because it is a great replacement for your sleeping pad you can actually cut on weight impressively. Though it is made for solo campers, a cozy couple can also fit inside quite well because of its spacious interior. It is a well-stitched and solidly built hammock.

Weight Capacity: As a well-made and robust hammock, this Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. With this hammock, you will get an insignificant amount of sag which just feels right. Whether you want to sleep on your side or on your back, this hammock will feel good on both sides. Spreader bar system further stabilizes the suspension regardless of heavyweights.

Comfort: Mosquito netting and rain fly cover the entire hammock to keep mosquitoes and rain out. This makes sure you enjoy an undisturbed slumber on your camping trips. Getting in and out of this hammock cum tent is simply hassle-free. Because of the carabiners and tree straps, there is almost no twisting and the tensioning problem with this hammock. This is why it is super comfortable sleeping inside this great product.

Durability: On the surface, this Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock may seem structurally similar to any other woven spreader bar hammock. But the spreader bars in this backpacking hammock are shorter and they are responsible for high tautness while lying on it. The fabric is of professional grade along with the arched netting poles, fly net and all other components used in this hammock. High-quality construction and long lasting components give it impressive durability.

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Videos

Take on this video journey to know each and every minute detail about your Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. Video product review will help you with the assembly process whilst also understanding which part of the hammock is designed for what task.

Why Choose Buy Blue Ridge Camping Hammock?

Integrated zippered tent poles, fully enclosed rain fly, spreader bar system and other such amazing features make this hammock completely different from other available models of hammock. If you are one of those campers who are looking for all-in-one camping hammocks where you can sleep without worrying about mosquitoes, bugs and rain then this is the backpacking hammock you should pick. Even though it is a quite expensive hammock, its outstanding features make it worth buying. 

Best Camping Hammock Reviews

4. Trek Light Gear Double Hammock Review

Trek Light Gear Double Hammock Review

Why Use the Trek Light Gear Double Hammock?

If you need a camping hammock that can be easily used as a couch, a bed and a chair then this TLG Double Hammock is your cup of tea. It is great for holding both solo and couple campers with ease. It is the most comfortable and extra wide hammock designed to help you enjoy beautiful outdoors around the backyard or in a faraway campsite.

Trek Light Gear Double Hammock Features

Built and Construction: Professional-grade parachute nylon is the fabric used in the fabrication of this amazing camping hammock. Spreader bars make this hammock relatively safer than most of the other banana shaped hammocks. It has a deep belly to wrap you inside quite amazingly. It hangs from the included S hooks which make the assembly process pretty easy and quick. This is a lightweight but extremely strong hammock that also features a handy pocket to keep your valuable items.

Weight Capacity: Though this backpacking hammock is rated for 400 pounds, it can withstand weights slightly more than, the recommended weight capacity. This hammock is huge, and you will find it super comfortable to sleep in it with your camping partner. The most impressive thing about this hammock is that it is so lightweight but still supports so much weight without any difficulty.

Comfort: The large size of this double hammock makes it real fun and comfortable to twist and turn for trying different positions. This is a generously sized and safe hammock made up of excellent quality fabric for outstanding comfort when camping in woods. Because of the comfort level it offers, you can enjoy better and longer sleeps even in your backyard.

Durability: TLG Double Hammock is made up of anti-mildew, anti-rot parachute nylon triple-stitched for impressive durability. Fit and finish of this hammock is superb which also contributes to increased longevity of the product. It creates generous space to stretch out, rest and sleep without causing any trouble. It will become your constant camping companion because of its strong built and convenient design.

Trek Light Gear Double Hammock Videos

To understand your product better and to figure out its easy assembly way out, you have to go through these videos for sure. These videos will take you on a virtual journey where you can imagine yourself setting up this hammock and enjoying the blissful outdoors.

Why Choose Trek Light Gear Double Hammock?

If you’re looking for a good size hammock made up of silky fabric, you should pick this one. It is available in a wide range of color options. All of these colors are vibrant and create an eye-catching camping site perfect for enjoying and relaxing in the lap of nature. Plus, the integrated pocket featured in this hammock makes it stand head and shoulders above the other makes and models. You can keep your small items inside the pocket for safety. Attached pouch creates a world of difference.  

Best Camping Hammock Reviews

3. WildHorn Outfitters Camping Hammock with Tree Straps Review

WildHorn Outfitters Camping Hammock with Tree Straps Review

Why Use the WildHorn Outfitters Camping Hammock?

WildHorn Outfitters has put together an incredibly amazing hammock with a Litespeed suspension system. Ease of use and simplicity make it a simple grab and pull hammock for enthusiast campers and hikers. Both the single and double outpost hammocks are plenty big for you to hang out or sleep in it comfortably. This is a fantastic camping hammock which is smartly engineered to take away all hassles, fuss or hoopla that other hammocks usually give.

WildHorn Outfitters Camping Hammock Features

Built and Construction: Fabricated from high-quality 70D parachute nylon material, this Outpost camping hammock comes with a strap, cinch, and buckle system. The Litespeed straps have truly revolutionized the way hammocks are assembled and you will get a hanging hammock in just 30 seconds. Single outpost hammock weighs only 1 pound 10 ounces while double outpost hammock is just 2 pounds 3 ounces in weight. You will get enough space inside both the hammocks to relax properly.

Weight Capacity: Sturdily built outpost backpacking hammock boasts a maximum weight capacity at 400 pounds. However, they also claim to have their hammock tested for 1000 pounds. This hammock is an architectural genius because of its solid arrangement that bears heavy weights easily.

Comfort: When it comes to comfort, this hammock surpasses in all aspects of comfort such as easy assembly, high-grade material and plenty of space to lie in. The infinitely adjustable suspension system further enhances the comfort of setting up this hammock. Because you can easily adjust the hammock at various hanging angles, it becomes easier for you to find out the most relaxing and comfortable position to enjoy a deep slumber.

Durability: 100% stretch free and tree-friendly polyester reinforces this hammock so that it can withstand heavy weights without any problem. High-quality fabric makes this hammock immensely durable and long lasting. It is built to last most of the rough weather conditions with ease.

WildHorn Outfitters Camping Hammock Videos

These are short video reviews of this best camping hammock. The video also captures an easy way of setting up the cinch suspension system. Though the suspension system is easy to comprehend, watching the video will help you hone your skills in a better way.

Why Choose WildHorn Outfitters Hammock?

For the price and what all is included in the package, this Outpost Hammock from WildHorn Outfitters is unbeatable by any other backpacking hammock available in the market. The Litespeed tree straps and suspension system make it one of the easiest to assemble hammocks. Available in two sizes, it is a great product at great price. If you want to bid adieu to difficult and mind-boggling assemblies of complicated hammocks, this is the product you should buy. 

Best Camping Hammock Reviews

2. Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock Review

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock Review

Why Use the ENO SingleNest Hammock?

Some campers like enjoying adventures all by themselves. So, if you’re one of those campers and don’t like sharing your camping gears, you definitely need this ENO SingleNest Hammock. This lightweight and robust backpacking hammock is impressively luxurious to settle in for some me-time. It is simply go-to for any occasion whether you want to spend some quality time by the beach or want to take a nap in your backyard.

ENO SingleNest Hammock Features

Built and Construction: This amazing SingleNest Hammock is fabricated from a breathable mildew-resistant 70D woven nylon taffeta which is a high-tenacity fabric. It has been UV treated so that you can enjoy this hammock for a relatively longer period of time. Triple interlocking stitching further increases the longevity of the hammock. Size-wise, it is large enough to fit an average-sized man with ease. It just takes a few minutes to set up and deploy this remarkable camping hammock because of its easy assembly.

Weight Capacity: The hammock features nautical grade hanging line and lightweight aluminum wire gate carabiners along with the highest quality fabric to support the maximum weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Comfort: Smaller size of this ENO SingleNest hammock provides enough room for a single person to lie in different angles. It performs exceptionally well in both summers and winters to keep you comfortable. Parachute nylon is used to fabricate this hammock which is soft and doesn’t cause any irritation while enjoying blissful outdoors. It can also be used as a chair when you aren’t using it for primary shelter.

Durability: Triple stitched seams of this sturdy hammock give it high durability for withstanding heavy-duty use. It holds up beautifully and performs well in all rough conditions. You can, both machine wash and hand wash your hammock with cold water and mild detergent. Drying in the air will restore the original shine and brightness of this hammock without causing any damage to its fabric.

ENO SingleNest Hammock Videos

In the videos below, we have brought you product reviews for this amazing ENO SingleNest Hammock. You can see how to easily setup this hammock on your camping trips in these videos. Plus, they will also tell you all about your product in a detailed way.

Why Choose Buy ENO SingleNest Hammock?

Considering the price point at which this well-made and long-lasting hammock comes, it is undoubtedly a must have for solo campers. Being reasonably priced is the most appealing aspect of this hammock. ENO gives a two-year warranty on this product in case there are any manufacturing defects. Any camper, hiker or backpacker who doesn’t like sharing his or her personal space must definitely buy this SingleNest Hammock to create a perfect camping site regardless of the location they are in. 

Best Camping Hammock Reviews

1. Eagles Nest Outfitters- DoubleNest Hammock Review

Eno Doublenest Hammock Review

Why Use the ENO DoubleNest Hammock?

Whether you’re a hiker, a backpacker or a camper, you can use this amazing ENO DoubleNest Hammock to streamline your gear perfectly. From numerous color options to picture-perfect size, this well-designed best camping hammock is lightweight and super durable. You will fall in love with the ease of setup and ultra-comfort that this hammock offers. This highly durable hammock is best for camping, hiking, boating, traveling or for setting up in the backyard.

ENO DoubleNest Hammock Features

Built and Construction: ENO hammock comes ready to use and includes rigged up carabiners to create a remarkable swinging platform. 70D breathable nylon taffeta is used to create this hammock for unsurpassable comfort. This type of material is lightweight, comfortable, soft and easily washable. Triple interlocking stitching further enhances the strength of this hammock to support heavy weights. Ease of setup is another beneficial aspect of this hammock for solo campers like you.

Weight Capacity: Strong fabric and quality stitching allow this hammock to support a maximum body weight of up to 400 pounds. The size of the hammock is pretty generous and efficiently holds two people. There is enough fabric for the user to engulf inside the hammock for escaping the hot sun completely. It gives you the much-needed space to lay in different angles when using for an individual.

Comfort: This unique and high-grade hammock will become your perfect camping buddy because of its excellent comfort value. It becomes your tent in the air where there is no problem of getting wet or annoying bugs. Plus, the breathable fabric prevents sweating and keeps you cool and comfortable overnight. Now, you can effectively stay dry while backpacking, camping or hiking.

Durability: This simple and functional hammock is super durable and weather proof. It offers great durability in all types of weather conditions. Any large sized person looking for extra space can comfortably accommodate in this hammock. Snow can be a little harder to clean otherwise soap, and warm water will turn your used hammock into a new one once again.

ENO DoubleNest Hammock Videos

Take a look at these videos below to find out how to set up your ENO DoubleNest Hammock flawlessly. Watching the field review and setup video will help you understand your product and its assembly properly. Once you go through the setup video, you will know how to tie the knots strongly for supporting your body weight.

Why Choose ENO DoubleNest Hammock?

This is undoubtedly the best backpacking hammock because of its quality built, lightweight and extra-large space. It is a mere 20 ounces which mean even ultralight backpackers will find its weight negligible when compared to carrying tents for camping. It removes various issues of backpackers such as carrying weight, creating space a and searching for a perfect location. This is an all-in-one solution in a small package. Available in more than 50 colors to pick from, this hammock is worth the purchase because of its brand value. 

Best Camping Hammock Reviews

Final Thoughts

With the help of our efficiently rounded up best camping hammock reviews, you can pick up a product that is custom made for you. These products are cherry picked on the basis of their ease of setup, high comfort level and long-lasting built. All the five camping hammocks that made the top five list are extremely durable, heavy-duty and smartly engineered. From our best pick to budget pick, each and every hammock has got the highest ratings and outstanding customer reviews. Our testers also tested these hammocks on demanding camping trips to make sure we only round up the best backpacking hammocks available in the market at present.