Zupapa Heavy Durable Steel Hammock Chair Stand Review

After analyzing many hammock chairs stands I selected Zupapa hammock chair stand over others because of its competitive price and higher weight rating. I ordered it on Amazon prime and got it in good shape. All the tools required for the assembly were included with the stand. A 17 mm socket wrench and an 8 mm hex wrench. Thanks to the instruction manual consisted mostly of pictures which made the assembly process a breeze. 

So what’s my review of the Zupapa Hammock Chair Stand? Well, I really really loved it.  Zupapa hammock chair stand is the most appealing option for indoor use (and outdoor usage is also fantastic). It blows every other option out of the competition. It has advanced safety options, heavy-duty construction, easy assembly and it is reliable by all reports. It is the ultimate stand for your hammock chair to enjoy indoors and outdoors. 

These are the Top 2 Hammock Chair Stands:

  • Best Choice Products Metal Hanging Hammock Chair Stand – BCP is the brand name and nobody will be disappointed if you choose the BCP brand. This is your budget option; the price range will always be competitive and I feel this is the cheapest hammock chair stand you can buy without compromising much on the quality.
  • Zupapa Hanging Hammock Chair C-Stand – Zupapa hammock chair is actually better quality than the BCP in almost every way. It’s a better quality, beautiful look, very sturdy, good customer support, etc. It’s the best hammock chair stand you can buy.

Why I Picked the Zupapa Hammock Chair Stand

Heavy-Duty Construction

When you compare Zupapa with BCP in construction, Zupapa wins hands down. Zupapa Hammock Stand is made to last. There are so many issues with the construction of BCP. There were claims that it couldn’t even last for 180 pounds. Just attaching the real review from Amazon below. 

Zupapa, on the other hand, doesn’t have any such issues. In fact, they give lifetime warranty for their product which shows their confidence in their product.

Easy Assembly

Most of the parts in BCP is not made correctly (at least in my case). So, I had faced many issues during the assembling process. It took a long time for me to assemble it properly. But with Zupapa the assembling process is just a breeze. You can assemble this hammock stand yourself without a supporting hand! Although the stand is made up of several pieces, it can be easily put together in no time and includes the required tools.

Swivel Capability

BCP claims it gives you a nearly 360 degrees rotation ability which allows you to choose a position to your liking. But the base bolts right through the bar and you cannot swivel at all. Zupapa hammock stand really has nearly 360 degrees of swivel capability. 

Large Capability

This is one of the hammock chair stand with the maximum weight capacity up to 380 pounds. I’ve tried and tested it for myself. It really works. In fact, in some cases when I used to sit with my wife I may have crossed that limit. But yet it lasted. And additionally, you can always choose your preferred position with nearly 360-degree rotation capability.

Outdoor& Indoor Use 

Zupapa chair stand comes with a carpet that allows you to use this hammock chair stand indoor without any scratches on the floor. It also comes with bonus pegs to strengthen the leg base when you use it outdoor like your garden or backyard. 

Space Saving

Zupapa chair stand is designed to save space. The base is x shaped measures 32″ in width and 44″ in-depth. This means if you want to fit the stand for indoor usage you can keep it neatly in a corner having enough space for your swing. Generally, a stand with x shaped base is not stable of designs for an upright chair stand. But, there is no complaint about this with the Zupapa chair stand. For further stability, the rounded feet of the base also features holes to secure onto wooden or hard surfaces.


This is one feature which is very impressive for me. I used to stay in a place where rain is persistent. I cant always take the chair stand expecting rain, moreover, my kids used to keep it outdoor after using it. In that case, a normal stand will rust. The powder-coated steel and a rust-resistant finish help this stand withstand most weather conditions. 

Lifetime Warranty

They provide a lifetime warranty for this hammock chair stand. There are no worries about any problem comes out even after years. Their customer support is very good. Just let them know the issue and they will solve it for you without any charge from you.

In Short…

  • 84 Inch (7 feet) Total Height which should be good enough for most air Chairs.
  • Very strong in construction which is made of sturdy 48x3mm tubular steel.
  • Real 360 degrees swing.
  • It comes with a high-quality carpet to protect your floors from scratches.
  • A steel snap safety hook is included with the stand.
  • All-season use with a rust-resistant finish.
  • Quick and easy assembly (All Tools Included);

The Disadvantages?

The only con you can say about this chair stand is its price. Yes, it is priced on the higher end. But, keeping the features and quality in mind paying little more is not a deal-breaker. If you have a second thought on the price range, BCP is the ideal budget hammock chair stand for you (however I don’t recommend it). 

In Summary

Zupapa hammock chair stand is the best relative to its rivals. It is a strong, well built, beautifully designed, 360-degree rotating, space-saving stand. It is perfect for your indoor, patio, deck, and even outdoor usage. The base rug which comes with the stand protects the floor from scratches. It also comes with all the necessary tools for easy assembly. The lifetime warranty provided by them shows their trust in their product and it is like the cherry on the cake for us the users. The price is on the higher end but provided the quality the features it is not a deal-breaker.