How to Hang a Hammock at the Beach Without Trees

How to Hang a Hammock at the Beach Without Trees

Traditionally, hammocks were largely hung on trees. However, you don’t always need to have trees to hang your hammock. You need two strong support points to tie your hammock.

But, How to Hang a Hammock at the Beach Without Trees? Imagine if you reach a beach wherein there are no trees. I came across such a situation once and so I’ll be listing some options for you to understand how you can hang your hammock without tress on the beach. 

You can install your hammock using supports that will be strong enough to serve you the same way as trees. The most obvious solution is to buy a lightweight hammock stand. But if you are in a place where you have no source at all, the only option is to use the hammock like a tent.

In the absence of trees, let’s see what all the options we have.

Hammock Frames / Stands

Hammock users and manufacturers are becoming more and more creative with the coming age. Hammock frames are one such creation that is easily available and also reliable. Different types and styles of hammock frames are available in the market. These hammocks are easy to carry and configure. Both metal and wooden frames are sturdy; however wooden frames are more problematic to carry. 

Lightweight Hammock Stands

Inventors have come up with multiple lightweight Hammock stands that are easy to carry. To name a few, I would like to recommend the ones which are the most popular and dependable. 

  1. The ENO Nomad which is from the most trusted manufacturer in the hammock industry, the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO). This stand weighs around 15 pounds and is also pretty expensive. It is available in 10 frame pieces which are easy to assemble.
  2. The Sunnydaze Universal Multi-use hammock stand is also a good option and a bit cheaper than the ENO stands. This is available in 25 pounds & 19 pounds in weight and is rated for carrying around 550 lbs.
  3. Tato gear Hammock stand is again 25 pounds in weight but is high Quality Built hammock stand. It can carry a weight of around 300 to 350 lbs.

As these hammocks can be quite heavy on your pocket, everyone cannot afford it. But if you are an avid camper, this definitely is a worthy investment. 

Regular Hammock stands

Often people don’t consider taking hammock stands to beaches as they are hefty. Mostly these normal hammock stands carry a weight of around 35 to 50 pounds. This also depends on the beach that you are traveling to. If the beach is near your place, taking a hammock stand will not be tedious in your own vehicle. Hammock stands that can fit into the car are not that expensive.

One of the best options is the Grand Trunk hammock frame. It is foldable and can carry 2 hammocks. The only con with Grand Trunk is that it weighs around 32 pounds. This can be quite heavy.

For camping hammock, if you are trekking through hills or steep places these regular stands are not advisable.

Other options to hang your hammock on the beach without trees: 

Porch Posts

You can use a porch to hang in your hammock. If your beach has a porch, you can set your hammock between them as long as the distance between your posts is not greater than your hammock length. Also, make sure the porch is devoid of railings as it will not be safe. This is because if the hammock falls, you can get hurt by landing on the railings. If it is allowed you can use carabiners to adjust your hammock and tie your hammock using heavy-duty eye bolt by mounting them on the posts.

Key criteria’s for hanging a hammock without trees on beach using porch

  • Ensure you meet the ideal height from the ground and the required distance between the poles.
  • Choose the most suitable hanging method
  • Choose the right and safe place for your hammock

Pocket-friendly Hammock Stands

Let us also discuss some pocket savvy options. Hammock stands are known to be heavy and so people find it difficult to take them around on trips. You can find a wide variety of metal stands online which are not too expensive.

However, I came across many portable hammock stands that are lightweight and cheaper online. These stands are advertised as lightweight stands. These stands come along with a hammock. So before using this, it is essential that you analyze the exact weight that these hammocks can carry and also adjust the stand and the hammock according to your comfort.

Ceara hammock stands

This is one of the strongest hammock stands. Although it is 44 lbs in weight, it is too reliable to go with. It has a considerable load-carrying capacity of 450 pounds. It is made up of a heavy-duty steel frame. It is mostly preferred because it is extremely portable and takes minutes to assemble. It works exceptionally with camping hammocks.

Note: It is necessary to review and read the manufacturer ratings and other credentials for these stands.

Hammock as Tents

If you are on a beach with absolutely no option to tie your hammock then you can use your hammocks as tents. You are not even carrying any hammock stands. In this scenario, you can pin your hammock to the ground using some cords or heavy-duty nails and poles. You can create an arc using any sticks that are available over there.

You can start by pitching your tarp. The next step will be to hold the two poles up the tarp. Use some steaks to tie down your tarp at different ends, creating tension at the ridgeline. You will have to adjust the tension according to the fabric flexibility and then pin it down.

Your hammock tent is then ready to use.

DIY options

These are several methods that are used by campers and have proved successful in hanging your hammock without trees. But still, you have to be careful before trying them. I would recommend practicing them at home before going to the beach. 

Here are some of the videos which will be very helpful for that.

This shows setting up the hammock without trees using a taut-line hitch.

Here the camper uses his vehicle at one end and a pole held by bolts on the other end to set up a Hennessy hammock.

This is the best method, wherein a turtle dog stand is made. This is lightweight and portable.


So what?

So to conclude, we know now that we have several techniques to hang a hammock on the beach without trees. Also if you try to think of other solutions, you might come up with more innovative DIY solutions. But remember to play safe before going ahead with your DIY option.

Lastly, if you are looking for a permanent set up on your beach you can also go for concrete post stands.

Setting up the hammock as a tent is also a solution to enjoy beach camping.

In the end, I would recommend the ENO Nomad product and the Sunnydaze stands as they are portable, lightweight and easy to assemble. But I do believe that taking a normal hammock to your beach is also not a bad choice. These are portable and you can save some money with this. 

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