7 Reasons Why Hammocks Are Awesome

Everyone chooses a hammock for different reasons, but some common traits rise to the top, such as comfort, modularity, and versatility to name a few.


The best comfort a hammock can provide your is sleeping off the ground. Away from uneven terrain, rocks, and roots (and away from all the creepy-crawly bugs, snakes, and rodents) is enough for most people to make the switch. But a hammock is more than just an elevated bed or cot. The way the hammock fabric naturally and ergonomically conforms to your body relieves pressure points and rivals expensive memory foam mattresses.

When you’re camping in a heat and humid conditions, nothing is worse than crawling into a tent and the sauna it creates. A hammock, in contrast, allows for convective cooling, and tarps provide maximum venting for condensation and protection from the elements. Indoors, hammocks provide a COZY alternative to Western-style mattresses, futons, and hideaways. Research also confirms that the gentle rocking Of a hammock contributes to a deeper, more restorative sleep.


A hammock can be set up practically anywhere—indoors and out—even in places devoid of trees. Portable stands or man-made objects can be used to set up a hammock in nearly any location. In the backcountry. a hammock can take advantage of rocky outcrops or sloping the ground where a tent is not suitable. This opens up a variety of locations that may offer superior views, protection from the elements, or concealment. In the home, the hammock becomes the ubiquitous four-poster bed. Convert office space or a spare room into guest quarters or a napping space in minutes by installing discrete hooks in the walls.

Low Impact

When done correctly, hammocks have a very small footprint. Indoors: hammocks can deploy for use and store to maximize space for play or study. Discrete hooks can easily disappear or be hidden in frames or shelving. Outdoors: with wide, tree-friendly webbing straps as anchor points, you can minimize any damage to trees. And since a hammock hovers over the ground, there is no need to clear ground cover, rocks, or other debris. The best part is that hammocks do not compress the ground as tents do. The result is vegetation doesn’t suffer short- or long-term damage and sites remain pristine.


I’ve always hated pitching tents on wet or muddy ground. Scraping off leaves, slugs, and mud was something I dreaded after a camping trip. With practice—you’ll be able to set up and take down a hammock without it ever touching the ground. And for those times when your hammock does get dirty, nothing could be easier to clean. Most of the hammock is made from simple, durable fabrics that can be easily hand washed in a sink or tossed into an automatic washing machine. At home, no more stripping sheets or protecting mattresses from toddlers—by using a hammock, you can prevent damage to costly mattresses, since they are so easy to clean and maintain.


Unlike a tent that has fixed components, you can mix-and-match gear to get the “perfect- shelter to suit your needs, or to adapt to a particular trip. This modularity has fueled a spirit of innovation and “tinkering” among hangers who are always experimenting and looking for new ways to tackle age-old problems. It is common for folks to start with a “stock” model and soup it up with any number of accessories to individualize their new -master bedroom.” whether indoors or out.


At their core, hammocks are simple yet highly functional. Take a rectangular piece of fabric, gather it on the short ends, and you’ve got a hammock. A pair of webbing straps are all you need to set up. In fact, every one of the benefits of a hammock, from its built-in comfort to its modularity, all hinge on this simplicity. Even the most elaborately complex camping hammock is built on a hammock’s simple premise. This simplicity makes hammocks very approachable and adaptable to most needs or wants.

You Will Sleep Better

Hammocks can help people with insomnia to sleep faster. And many studies have proven that sleeping on a hammock helps you get much deeper and longer sleep as well. There are also a variety of benefits that come with deeper sleep, which include, but are not limited to memory, mood improvement,and mental performance. So, in general if you use hammock to sleep, it has a good effect on you in regards of sleep as well as the comfort.

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